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Thursday, 18 April 2013


Assalamualaikum semua,

Baru-baru ni aku ada interview kerja dekat Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah, kira sesi interview formal lah. Dia buat ni sebab nanti bila dah graduate tak ada la kelam kabut or takde experience pasal interview kan. So dia nak kita ready dari awal and pastikan kerja tu jadi milik kita.

Lama jugak ah masa lecturer aku bagi untuk prepare pasal interview ni, tapi macam biasalah, student macam kiteorang nih suka buat kerja last minute. Haha.

So, apa yang aku dah prepare untuk interview tu ialah seperti dibawah :-

1) Tell me about yourself?
  • I appreciatively take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Mohamad Shaiful Nizam b Mohd Ali. I am 20 years old. I have experience working at sime darby as land surveyor for my industrial training. I have a positive attitude and I don’t allow myself to become mired with the negative views. I can do my job well as I am a hardworking person and I’m always responsible.

2) What is your biggest weakness?
  • I had difficulty with concrete, but I’m always working on improving my concrete skills to be more experts in concrete. I recently join my friends when he makes concrete work, which I find very helpful to myself.

3) What is your biggest strength?
  • Surveying and still is one of my best qualities. I have the skills in measuring the efficiency and accuracy in surveying to produces better results, which is important in construction.

4) Why should we hire you?
  • Hire me because I’m the person for the job. I realize that there are likely other candidates who also have the ability to do this job. Yet I bring an additional quality that makes me the best person for the job. My passion for excellence. I am passionately committed to producing truly world class result.

5) Why do you want this job?
  • I want this job because I need it. I want to improve my skills and learn many things as soon as possible. Your company has a good reputation. In this environment, I can combine my knowledge and experience well. I can challenge myself and reach my goal.

6) Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • In five years, I see myself as a successful engineer and learning new skills that will benefit your company and help me achieve my career goals.

7) If I send you to Sabah/Sarawak how do you feel about it?
  • Yes I can go to Sabah or Sarawak, I’m independent person.

8) Do you plan to further  studies?
  • Yes, but only through part time and only if your company allows it.

9) Do you have any question?
  • Do I get the chance to work on site? Because I love site working.
  • Well, obviously I would expect a salary that is in line with the level and responsibilities of the job and my experience. From my research, the civil engineer that have diploma is around 1100 to 1300.

Ha, 9 soalan ni jer yang aku prepare and yang lain datang dari otak dan kespontanan sendiri, tapi alhamdulillah soalan yang dia tanya dekat aku semua datang dari ayat yang aku prepare tuh, Hahahha, ejam you're so lucky. Kawan2 yang lain dapat mcam2 jenis soalan ada, contoh mcm:

"If I send you work at Tesco, what job can you do?"

hahahahhaha, kalau aku aku ckap jer jadi boss :P tapi macam2 jawapan aku dgar and semua lawak2. Tapi alhamdulillah semua budak kelas aku lepas interview tuh. cuma biasalah mesti ada mistake sikit-2 and benda tu boleh settle :P

So, lepas aku interview, Sir tu bagi comment "Perfect but you have 1 mistake, you burukkan supervisor you"

Hahahaa, time dia tanya aku "Do you have any problem when you work at your company before?"  Aku cakap aku ada 2 masalah, satu transport satu lagi supervisor aku tak "eco friendly". So mistake dia bila aku kutuk supervisor aku lah, So markah dah kurang kat situ, 

Aku sendiri tak sedar aku dah burukkan supervisor aku, sebab memang betul pun benda tuh :3 hahahaha.
Tapi okay lah, lepas je interview tu hilang semua tension and masa untuk snap2 gambar. :P

Tengok, dah ada gaya mcam Engineer-To-Be tak? hahahha. Ni lepas habis interview and nak balik rumah (:
Yang pasti, sir tu cakap kalau tu interview yang betul "YOU GOT THE JOB!!" hew hew :3